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Practice 2: Using Contractions with “be" in the Present

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Based on this lesson, type a contraction of “to be” in the blank provided.

  • For some items, more than one answer may be correct (for example, it’s not or it isn’t).
  • If a contraction is not possible, just type the correct form of the verb.
  • When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

Are you ready? Let’s roll!

1. (I / be / not) home right now. (I / be) at work.

I’m not home right now. I’m at work.

2. My teacher (be / not) from England. (He / be ) from Australia.

My teacher isn’t from England.

My teacher’s not from England. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

He’s from Australia.

3. (I / be / not) Italian. (John / be) Italian!

I’m not Italian.

John is Italian (no contraction)

John’s Italian! (only in spoken English or informal writing)

4. (We / be / not) dentists. (We / be) optometrists.

We’re not dentists.

We aren’t dentists.

We’re optometrists.

5. Kiwis?… (They / be / not) from Australia!  (They / be) from New Zealand.

They’re not from Australia!

They aren’t not from Australia!

They’re from New Zealand.

Is it going well? If you’re having difficulties, you can review the lesson and try this exercise again.

6. My parents (be / not) at work today.  (They / be) at home.

My parents aren’t at work today.

They’re at home.

7. Aisha and I (be / not) very close friends.

Aisha and I aren’t very close friends.

8. This movie (be / not) very interesting.

This movie isn’t very interesting.

9. (It / be / not) very hot today.  (It / be) only 28°C.

It’s not very hot today.

It isn’t very hot today.

It’s only 28°C.

10. (It / be) cold today, but (it / be) sunny.

It’s cold today, but it’s sunny.

11. This book (be) interesting, and (it / be / not) very long.

This book is interesting… (no contraction)

This book’s interesting… (only in spoken English or informal writing)

… and it isn’t very long.

… and it’s not very long.

12. Morocco (be / not) in the Middle East. (It / be) in northwestern Africa.

Morocco isn’t in the Middle East.

Morocco’s not in the Middle East. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

It’s in northwestern Africa.

Congratulations on completing this whole practice!

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“What should I learn next?”

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