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Snap Language offers lessons in a variety of language- and linguistics related topics. Lessons are designed to help you improve your understanding of language and linguistics and improve your language skills in all areas of your personal and professional life.

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Etymology and surprising origin of words explains what etymology is. It also explores the influence of the reconstructed, theoretical language, Proto-Indoeuropean (PIE), in the formation of modern languages.

Contronyms are also known as antagonyms. Learn about these words, which are are antonyms of themselves!

5 reasons English is (supposedly) weird explores, from a linguistic perspective, the true nature of inconsistencies and irregularities of English and how pop linguists improperly analyze features of English to concluse that it is “weird.”

COURSE Misconceptions about linguistics clarifies some common beliefs about what linguistics is and what linguists actually do.

Accents and idiolects: There is more to what an “accent” is than just a way that people sound. Both accents and idiolects have social and cultural components with several implications.

Sociolinguistics (and the basics of language attitudes): what sociolinguistics is and some of the language-related phenomena sociolinguists study. It includes a discussion of how language varieties trigger stereotyped perceptions and attitudes.

Stereotyped perceptions of accented, grammatically non-standard speakers: Learn how listeners extract relevant social information from phonological, syntactical, and lexical speech cues in a process that triggers stereotyped perceptions of speakers.

Vocabulary Builder is a series of short, stunning videos on advanced vocabulary at C1-C2 level and GRE level.

Literally and figuratively: Formal and informal uses

List of grammar and style lessons

Advanced grammar lessons (Grammar and Style Tidbits) has lessons and videos on various topics related to grammar, usage, writing and academic style. Topics include subject-verb agreement, adectives and adverbs, simple anc complex structures, and so on.

Grammar Series is a a 5-part series discussing topics ranging from what grammar is for a linguist and the historical perspective on standard grammar to the so-called feud between prescriptivists and descriptivists and what it’s like to learn grammar as a language learner.

The Snap Language channel on YouTube has a complete reading course on video. Start from the “Vocabulary in Reading” playlist and watch each video, which range in topics from understanding the paragraph to interpreting what you read and reading critically.

List of writing lessons and materials

Latest Lessons

Literally and figuratively: Formal and informal uses

Split infinitives: How to avid them and whether you even should

Should you avoid using the first person in academic writing? (If so, how?)

Transition words and expressions (includes videos and practice)

(Video) UNIT Punctuation: Parentheses and em dashes

(Video) UNIT Punctuation: the semicolon

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