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Practice 3: Building Sentences Using “to be” in the Present

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Based on this lesson, use the clues to create a sentence using the verb be in the present.


Clues: I / not / in the office / right now.

You write:

Type the whole sentence in the blank provided.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

Ready? Let’s do it!

1. This cup of coffee / for you.


This cup of coffee is for you.

This cup of coffee’s for you. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

2. It / not / very cold / today.


It isn’t very cold today.

It’s not very cold today.

3. Japan / South Korea / small countries / in Asia.


Japan and South Korea are small countries in Asia.

4. Your parents / from Germany?


Are your parents from Germany?

5. My father / from Germany / but / my mother / from the US.


My father is from Germany, but my mother is from the US.

My father’s from… my mother’s from… (only in spoken English or informal writing)

6. Vegetables / good for you.


Vegetables are good for you.

7. Hi / I / your teacher.


Hi! I am your teacher.

Hi! I’m your teacher.

8. This soup / delicious.


This soup is delicious.

This soup’s delicious. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

How is it going so far? If you’re having difficulties, you can review the lesson and try again when you’re ready.

9. France / in northern Europe? — No / not.


Is France in northern Europe?

— No, it is not.

— No, it’s not.

— No, it isn’t.

10. It / 31°C / today.


It is 31°C today.

It’s 31°C today.

11. New York / near / Boston?


Is New York near Boston?

12. your friends / in class / today?


Are your friends in class today?

13. Horses / large animals.


Horses are large animals.

14. Your coffee / hot?


Is your coffee hot?

15. My coffee / not / very hot.


My coffee is not very hot.

My coffee isn’t very hot.

My coffee’s not very hot. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

16. We / not / very tired / today.


We are not very tired today.

We're not very tired today.

We aren’t very tired today.

17. This chocolate / for me?


Is this chocolate for me?

18. We / out of time.


We are out of time.

We’re out of time.

19. These oranges / not / very sweet.


These orange are not very sweet.

These orange aren’t very sweet.

20. My French teacher / not / from France.


My French teacher is not from France.

My French teacher isn’t from France.

My French teacher’s not from France. (only in spoken English or informal writing)

You’re all done. Congratulations!

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