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Snap Language

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Welcome to Snap Language

What is Snap Language?

Snap Language™ is a collection of instructional materials and learning resources that support the development of day-to-day, academic, and professional language skills in reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking.

We have two main components: Snap Language (enrichment) and Snap Language Learner (for language learners). We also strive to advance an understanding of language and linguistics in general.

Snap Language

Enrichment materials for those interested in improving their language skills and in research-based topics in language and linguistics.

Snap Language Learner

Learning materials geared toward language acquisition and improvement for basic, intermediate, and advanced English language learners(ELLs)

Learning Resources

Supplemental materials for students (self-study materials, exercises) and supporting materials for teachers (lesson plans, classroom activities).

Courses and Free Lessons

Snap Language and Snap Language Learner have free and premium language-related courses created by experienced linguists and educators. Registered users work at their own pace and keep track of their progress through ongoing diagnostics and assessments. You can choose between enrichment courses and language-learner courses.

Enrichment Lessons

Browse our enrichment lessons designed to improve your language skills and learn about language and linguistics.

Language Learner Lessons

Browse our lessons for language learners to learn English at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level.

Premium Courses

Premium courses will be available in the future. For now, take advantage of our free materials.


For the Language Learner

Snap Language Learner materials are designed to assist English-language learners (ELL) in various learning contexts such as English as a second language (ESL) or English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

Our specialized materials will help you learn skills in reading, vocabulary, writing, listening, speaking, and academic English.

Lessons and Courses

You can select materials you find useful to you at your level.

Most lessons include exercises so you can assess your understanding of the materials.

Accompanying Materials

Our resources include videos, exercises, and diagnostic and performance assessments. As you learn content, you also develop academic and professional skills.

Guided exercises provide activities before, during, and after watching a video (note-taking, comprehension, and practice).

For Teachers

Snap Language and Snap Language Learner materials are designed with both students and instructors in mind.

That is why instructors often assign our materials in instructional models such as flipped-classroom, distance-learning, or hybrid models.

Students learn at their own pace by watching instructional videos and working through lessons on their own. In the classroom, teachers use our lesson guides to check comprehension and retention, practice, and extend the material with activities promoting higher-order and critical thinking.

Enrichment Materials

Snap Language materials are designed to help you improve your language-related skills in reading, vocabulary, and writing.

If you are interested in language and linguistics in general, topics span psychological, developmental, and social aspects of language such as bilingualism, language teaching and learning, language change, and so on.

Check Us Out on YouTube

Snap Language Learner

Visit Snap Language Learner on YouTube for videos designed for English language learners, including basic, intermediate, and advanced levels in vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, and academic English.

Snap Language

Visit Snap Language on YouTube for videos targeting students and professionals seeking to improve their reading and writing skills.


From time to time, we publish articles about language learning language instruction, linguistics, and language-related topics with a particular focus on reading, writing, English as a second language, and academic English.

We also have passages targeting English-language learners at different reading skill levels.


“Articles” is a collection of articles written for a general audience.


“Passages” is a collection of passages for English-language learners.

Start Improving Your Language Skills Now



On the site menu, click “Enrichment” and select Lessons or to maintain and improve your professional and college‑level skills or Articles if you’d like a good read..

ESL Lessons

On the site menu, click “ESL Lessons” if you are an English‑language learner at different proficiency levels.

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