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Practice 3. The Passive Voice. (Advanced, C-Level)

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Based on this lesson, change the following sentences from the active voice to the passive voice. Be sure to keep the same verb tense in both sentences. For many of the sentences, the by-phrase is unnecessary, so you can leave it out.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

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1. They had to cancel the concert due to the bad weather.

Passive Voice:

The concert had to be canceled due to the bad weather.

2. People must keep eggs refrigerated.

Passive Voice:

Eggs must be kept refrigerated.

3. We will serve coffee in a few minutes.

Passive Voice:

Coffee will be served in a few minutes.

4. No one told me about Ann’s surprise birthday party.

Passive Voice:

I was not told about Ann’s surprise birthday party.

5. The professor gave the students extra time.

Passive Voice:

The students were given extra time (by the professor).

Extra time was given to the students (by the professor).

6. Someone has been breaking into cars in my neighborhood lately.

Passive Voice:

Cars have been broken into in my neighborhood lately.

7. The flood damaged a few houses in my neighborhood.

Passive Voice:

A few houses in my neighborhood were damaged by the flood.

8. People speak Portuguese in Brazil.

Passive Voice:

Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.

9. The teacher will give zeros to students missing the exam.

Passive Voice:

Zeros will be given to students missing the exam.

Students missing the exam will be given zeros.

10. By the end of the week, the senator’s own party will have voted him out.

Passive Voice:

By the end of the week, the senator will have been voted out by his own party.

Congratulations on completing all the items!

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