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Coordinating Conjunctions “So” | (B-Level, Intermediate)

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We use the coordinating conjunction “so” to combine two complete sentences that have a cause and effect relationship.

You can also think of the second sentence as resulting from the first.


”So” — Expressing a Result or Effect

When using “so,” you can think of the second sentence as a logical conclusion that makes sense based on the idea in the first sentence. It expresses an effect.

”So” can also introduce a decision based on the first sentence.

Examples of “so” introducing an effect or decision

Introducing a result or effect

It started raining, so everyone left the park.

I didn’t review my notes after class, so I forgot almost everything.

Some students earned very low grades, so they asked if they could take the exam again.

Introducing a decision

I had pizza last night, so I’ll have the chicken tonight.

Rita wanted to learn Italian, so she moved to Rome for the summer.

The students had worked hard all semester, so the professor gave them a chance to take the exam again.


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