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Coordinating Conjunctions | (B-Level, Intermediate)

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About Coordinating Conjunctions

Instead of producing short sentences, one for each idea, you can use coordinating conjunctions to connect the ideas into a single, longer sentence.

At the same time, the coordinating conjunction you use expresses the relationship between the ideas.


For example, you can say,

I saw John at the meeting. I asked him to help me.

These ideas flow better if you use combine them using a coordinating conjunction.

Depending on the coordinating conjunction you use, you also express the relationship between the ideas in the sentences.


There are two possible relationships between them, so you may end up with the following sentences:

I saw John at the meeting and asked him to help me.

I saw John at the meeting, so I asked him to help me.

As you can tell, “and” shows that the events in the original sentences are simply listed without a strong relationship between them. “So" shows a cause-effect relationship.

  How to Complete This Unit

This unit lists a series of individual lessons covering the coordinating conjunctions in English (and, but, for, nor, or / or else, so, yet / and yet).

You will learn how to these conjunctions and when to use a comma before them.

After covering all the lessons, complete the exercises listed below to assess what you have learned.

To complete all lessons or jump to a specific lesson, either use the Table of Contents above or use the “Unit Navigation” button at the bottom of each page.

Up Next: Coordinating Conjunction “And”

Go to the next lesson to learn about the uses of the coordinating conjunction “and."

List of Exercises on Coordinating Conjunctions

Each exercise includes a PDF handout.

Using the Common Coordinating Conjunctions

Practice 1. Fill in the blanks using “and,” “but,” “so,” or “or.”

Practice 2. Fill in the blanks using “and,” “but,” “so,” or “or.”.

Using All Coordinating Conjunctions

Practice 3. Fill in the blank with one of the coordinating conjunctions in parentheses.

Practice 4. Select the sentence using the correct punctuation.

Practice 5. Combine and punctuate sentences using the coordinating conjunction in parentheses.

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