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Coordinating Conjunction “And" | (B-Level, Intermediate)

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”And” — Listing or Adding Things Together

We use the coordinating conjunction “and” to combine sentences or ideas and show that you are just adding or putting the ideas together.

You are simply listing the concepts or ideas. They do not have a very strong relationship other than going together.


Examples using “and” for adding or listing

Listing concepts or things

We need talk to the teachers and the parents of each child.

The researchers analyzed results of the survey and of the interviews.

Adding sentences together

John works at a company, and his brother is a teacher.

John’s brother lives in Chicago, and his sister lives in Miami.

Listing events following a certain order

The supervisor walked into the room, and everyone stopped talking.

Rita went to Japan and learned to speak Japanese very well.

”And” — Showing a Purpose (with “go” and “come”)

In very specific contexts, “and” connects an action to a purpose. In that sense, it means “in order to.”

Examples using “and” showing a purpose

I want to go to Germany and study German.

I need to go to the bank and make a deposit.

Our supervisor came to the office and talked to us yesterday.

Compare these sentences:

  1. Come to class and bring your homework.
  2. Come to class and show me your homework.

In Sentence 1, “and” is simply listing two actions. In Sentence 2, however, “and” expresses the idea of purpose as in, “Come to class in order to show me your homework.”


Which meaning is expressed is clear from the context.

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