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Building Complex Sentences with Dependent Clauses: | Practice 1

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Based on the lesson about dependent and independent clauses, identify the main clause (the independent clause) in the following sentences. Write the main clause in the space provided.


Example 1: The toy we bought yesterday has already broken down.

Main Clause 1: The toy has already broken down.

Example 2: The woman I was talking to at the party was Professor Ecks’s daughter.

Main Clause 2: The woman was Professor Ecks’s daughter.

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1. I cannot find the bottle of wine I bought last time I was in France.

Main clause:

I cannot find the bottle of wine.

2. The woman I was telling you about at the party has just arrived.

Main clause:

The woman has just arrived.

3. Caused by an extremely contagious virus, measles causes severe respiratory symptoms.

Main clause:

Measles causes severe respiratory symptoms.

4. Even though Jordana was absent from half of her chemistry classes, she aced the exam that most students failed.

Man Clause:

She (Jordana) aced the exam.

5. Although she missed many classes, she studied very hard on her own so that she could pass the exam.

Main Clause:

She studied very hard on her own.

If you’re having difficulties with this exercise, consider reviewing the lesson before continuing.

6. The novel I started reading last month became very popular after a TV talk show host talked about it last week.

Main clause:

The novel became very popular.

7. The store that opened in the mall less than a year ago is already going out of business.

Main clause:

The store is already going out of business.

8. The book that John Ecks wrote when he lived in Thailand has finally been published.

Main clause:

The book has finally been published.

9. All students who took Professor Ecks’s course will be at his retirement ceremony next week.

Main clause:

All students will be at his (Professor Ecks’s) retirement ceremony next week.

10. An avid gardener with many years of experience, John will be featured in a magazine article next month.

Main clause:

John will be featured in a magazine article next month.

11. The neighbor’s dog barked loudly whenever it heard the mail carrier coming.

Main clause:

The neighbor’s dog barked loudly.

12. My parents moved to the country to escape the chaotic life they had in the city.

Main clause:

My parents moved to the country.

13. I will go for a swim as soon as the rain stops and the weather improves.

Main clause:

I will go for a swim.

14. He moved slowly and quietly because he did not want to wake the baby up.

Main clause:

He moved slowly and quietly.

15. Despite trying to reach John all day, his secretary was unable to talk to him.

Main clause:

His (John’s)secretary was unable to talk to him.

Exercises in This Lesson

Practice 1. Identify the main clause. (this page)

Practice 2. Identify the main clause (more complex).

Practice 3. Combine sentences.

Practice 4. Practice omitting the verb “be" in dependent clauses.

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