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The Subject| Practice 1

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Practice 1


Based on the lesson about the subject, write the subject of each of the following sentences in the blank provided.

When you are finished, click “Answer” to check your answer.

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1. Both my parents were born in California.


Subject: both my parents

2. The students should have taken notes during the lesson.


Subject: the students

3. Juan and his brother speak Spanish fluently.


Subject: Juan and his brother

4. A group of researchers worked together to study the phenomenon.


Subject: a group of researchers

5. John’s behavior has changed since his wife’s death.


Subject: John’s behavior

6. My grandmother always cooked dinner for our family on Sundays.


Subject: my grandmother

7. The children have been staying with their grandparents for two weeks now.


Subject: the children

8. Some of the soup has spilled all over the stove.


Subject: some of the soup

9. Learning a new language can be time consuming.


Subject: learning a new language

10. Taking notes and summarizing information are important study skills.


Subject: taking notes and summarizing information

More Practice

Try Practice 2 for more complex sentences.

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