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The Simple Sentence
The Subject

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The Subject

The verb expresses what someone or something is or does. Then who or what is that someone or something? When you answer this question, you have identified the subject.

Analyze the following examples.


Example sentences identifying the subject

Example 1

The children played in the backyard.

This has an action verb: played.

Who or what played in the backyard? The answer is the subject: the children did.

Example 2

My grandfather became ill last summer.

This has a linking verb: became.

Who or what became ill last summer? The answer is the subject: my grandfather did.

Example 3

We should have studied harder before the exam.

This has an action verb: study (studied).

Who or what should have studied harder? The answer is the subject: we should have.

Example 4

The soup did not taste good.

This has a linking verb: taste.

Who or what did not taste good? The answer is the subject: the soup didn’t.

Example 5

Learning German fluently can take several years.

This has an action verb: take. (”Can” is a modal verb.)

What can take several years? The answer is the subject: Learning German fluently did.


Practice Activity

Practice 1. Practice identifying the subject.

Practice 2. Practice identifying the subject in more complex sentences.

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