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Index. Verbs and Prepositions (Basic, A1 Level)

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This page lists links to verbs that are followed by specific prepositions. Each lesson includes several verbs, online exercises, and PDF handouts. Click the verb to go to the lesson on it.

A B C D E-F- G H-I-J K-L-M P-Q-R S T-U-V- W

Verbs in alphabetical order


accept from

account for

accuse of

adapt to

add to

adjust to

agree on, with, to

aim at

answer about, to

apologize for, to

apply for, to

approve of

ask about, for


base on; based on

believe in

benefit from

borrow from


care about, for

change into, to

choose from

comment about, on

communicate about, to, with

complain about, to

compliment on

concentrate on


count on


deal with

decide on

depend on

die from, of


dream about, of

E - F - G

elaborate on

end in, with

explain to

feel for, about

fight for

focus on

give to

guide through, to

H - I - J

happen to

hear about

help with

hope for

insist on

interest in

interfere in, with

introduce to

joke about

K - L - M

keep from, to

know about

laugh about, at, with

leave for

lend to

link to

listen for, to

look at, for, like

matter to

meet with

P - Q - R

plan for, on

pay for, to

point at, to

post to

prefer to

present to, with

prevent from

protect from

provide with

recover from

remind about, of


save from

say to, about

search for

share among, between, with

shout at, for, to

show to

smile at, about


spend on

stand by, for

stare at

steal from

stop from

succeed in

suffer from

T - U - V - W

talk about, to

thank for

think about, of

turn into, to, toward

translate from, into

wait for, on

waste on

wish for, on, upon

work as, on, for

worry about

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