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Practice 2. Personal Pronouns (Reflexive Case) | (A-Level, Basic)

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Based on this lesson, answer each question using a reflexive pronoun.


Question: Who is teaching your brothers French?

Answer:  They’re teaching themselves French.

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Ready? Let’s go!

1. Who is going to introduce you to the guests? (singular you)

I’m going to introduce myself.

2. Who is Mary talking to?

She’s talking to herself.

3. Who do you see in the mirror? (plural you)

We see ourselves in the mirror.

If you are having problems, study the lesson again. Then come back to this practice.

4. Who does Pedro work for?

He works for himself.

5. Who are they buying flowers for?

They’re buying flowers for themselves.

6. Who is driving Mary to school?

She’s driving herself to school.

7. Who is going to introduce us?

We’re going to introduce ourselves.

8. Who is paying for them?

They are paying for themselves.

9. Who are we paying for?

We're paying for ourselves.

10. Who will turn the TV off?

The TV will turn itself off.

11. Who is feeling sorry for Janet?

She’s feeling sorry for herself.

12. Who is going to prepare the students for the test?

They’re going to prepare themselves for the test.

Congratulations on finishing the whole exercise.

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