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Practice 1. Personal Pronouns (Reciprocal Case) | (A-Level, Basic)

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Based on this lesson, write one sentence for each item using the correct personal pronoun. One or more items may have multiple correct answers.

Example Item: Peter is looking at John, and John is looking at Peter.

Your Sentence: They are looking at each other.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers are not submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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1. Peter enjoys John’s company, and John enjoys Peter’s company.

Your Sentence:

They enjoy each other’s company.

2. Do I understand you, and do you understand me?

Your Sentence:

Do we understand each other?

3. Nancy likes to talk about Nancy a lot.

Your Sentence:

She likes to talk about herself a lot.

4. Carla works with John and me.

Your Sentence:

She works with us.

We work with one another.

We work with each other.

5. Does Lisa disagree with you, and do you disagree with Lisa?

Your Sentence:

Do you agree with each other?

6. Beth and Pedro do not understand the problem.

Your Sentence:

They do not understand it.

7. The children are enjoying the children.
(idiomatic expression)

Your Sentence:

The children are enjoying themselves.

8. Peter is buying the car for Peter.

Your Sentence:

Peter is buying it for himself.

9. Maria is kissing Joseph, and Joseph is kissing Maria.

Your Sentence:

They are kissing each other.

10. The dog sees the dog in the mirror.

Your Sentence:

It sees itself in the mirror.

11. Nancy is brushing Layla's hair, and Layla is brushing Nancy’s hair.

Your Sentence:

They are brushing each other’s hair.

12. Carlos hates Paul, and Paul hates Carlos.

Your Sentence:

They hate each other.

Congratulations on completing the whole exercise!

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