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Practice 2. Personal Pronouns (Reciprocal Case) | (A-Level, Basic)

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Based on this lesson, use the words in parentheses to write one sentence to answer each question.

Example Item: Who are Peter and Mary looking at? (each other)

Your Answer: They are looking at each other.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers are not submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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1. Who is talking to Patrick and Janice? (each other)

Your Answer:

They are talking to each other.

2. Who is helping all the students? (one another)

Your Answer:

They are helping one another.

3. Who is brushing Nancy’s and Maria’s hair? (each other’s)

Your Answer:

They are brushing each other’s hair.

4. Who supports your friends and you? (one another)

Your Answer:

We support one another.

5. Who will meet your friends at the party? (each other)

Your Answer:

They will meet each other at the party.

6. Who will give presents to you and your brothers? (one another)

Your Answer:

We will give presents to one another.

We will give one another presents.

7. Who will discuss their ideas? (each other’s)

Your Answer:

They will discuss each other’s ideas.

8. Who understands you very well? (we / each other)

Your Answer:

We understand each other very well.

9. Who is going to introduce you at the meeting? (myself)

Your Answer:

I am going to introduce myself at the meeting.

10. Who is going to buy them presents? (each other)

Your Answer:

They are going to buy each other presents.

They are going to buy presents for each other.

11. Who will drive you to work? (myself)

Your Answer:

I will drive myself to work.

12. Who cooks dinner for you? (we / each other)

Your Answer:

We cook dinner for each other.

We cook each other dinner.

Congratulations on completing the whole exercise!

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