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Extensive Reading for English-Language Learners | Page 2

Difference Between Intensive and Extensive Reading

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Intensive reading consists of the typical activities in a reading course and is based on instructor-assigned materials. It generally focuses on specific content, vocabulary and reading skills development, and so on.

Extensive reading, on the other hand, is also necessary for you to improve your reading skills, but you do not need to be in a course to engage in it.

In fact, effective readers read extensively simply because they want to stay informed about the world around them or they want to enjoy a good piece of writing.

When you read extensively you are in control. All you need to do is read independently.

What to do to engage in extensive reading

Choose your own topics.

Choose sources you are comfortable with (not too easy, not too difficult).

Choose when and for how long you want to read (but try to read consistently).

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