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Resources for Extensive Reading for Basic ELLs | Page 4

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Suggested Sources and Resources for Extensive Reading

The resources on this page are suggestions in case you are having difficulties finding reading materials to get you started.

You can explore these suggestions but, once you get started, you should find other materials and sources.

These resources are likely appropriate for English-language learners at the basic levels. For intermediate and advanced readers, check out the lesson about extensive reading and the list of resources.


Snap Language is not responsible for any information you find on these web sites. Use your discretion when visiting them.

Note. All links open in a new tab.

Public Libraries

Libraries are always a good resources for a broad range of interests. Librarians can help you find materials that match your needs.

Leveled English (“Easy English” Sites)

“Easy-English” or leveled materials are not considered authentic materials, but they are good for someone just starting to read in English.

If you choose to get started with leveled materials, make sure you move on to more challenging, authentic materials when you are ready.

News in Levels has news and articles in “easy English.” You can select the same passage at three levels of difficulty.

The Times in Plain English has summaries of the news and is written in easier-to-understand English.

Breaking News English has a thousands of articles at various reading levels.

EnglishCLUB - Reading. The site is not easy to use, but it has a number of stories and articles for different levels.

University of Victoria’s Study Zone has a few stories for students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The Learn American English Online website has passages (inlcuding audio) for readers at various reading levels.

Newspapers and Magazines

In Your Area

Consult your local library. A librarian can help you find materials such as local newspapers and other publications, podcasts, videos, and so on.

News, Current Events, Entertainment, Pop Culture

Buzzfeed has news and entertainment.

The A.V. Club – news for movie, TV, music, book, and gaming fans.

The New York Times (education) – current events.

Voice of America – news, science and technology.

Vox – a variety of topics in articles and videos.

QZ – tech.

Blogs: Food

Cakes by Noah – cakes, gluten-free recipes.

Coco Cake Land – recipes, tutorials.

Cookie and Kate

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart – savory comfort food.

Food without Borders – international cuisine.

Humming High – Michelle Lopez; recipes.

Minimalist Baker

Swank Food – recipes.

Blogs: Travel

A Broken Backpack – travel blog

Drew Binsky – travel blog.

Lily’s Travel Plans – travel blog.

Nomadic boys – travel blog.

Food, Living, Travel and Style

MyDomaine – Recipes, career tips, and travel guides.

The Spruce Eats – Various recipes and food-related topics.

Trip Savvy – travel magazine.

History, Art, Culture

History Article Topic Locator organizes topics by magazine in's network.

The (Topics page) lets you choose among many topics in history.

On This Day has articles on American history and much more.

Smithsonian Institute website has a large collection of articles on art and design; history and culture; and science and nature; technology.

Smithsonian Magazine includes topics such as history, archeology, travel, arts and culture, science, and people.

Medical and Nursing Resources

Official Governmental Sites

Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the official US government health protection agency.

MedlinePlus has health information for the public.

The Open Nursing Journal has full-text nursing articles.

Unofficial Sites and Blogs

Correctional Nurse.Net is a blog by a nurse educator. She blogs about issues in Correctional Nursing.

NursingCenter has a number of resources, including journals and articles.

The Nerdy Nurse is a blog by Brittney Wilson, who blogs on various healthcare- and nursing-related topics.

WebMD is a source of health and medical information for the public.

Money and Investing

A Wealth of Common Sense – investing blog.

Crossing Wall Street – stock market blog. 

Investopedia – money, markets, investment.

Profit Trends – a blog about the market’s emerging and disruptive trends.

The Balance – money matters.

Trade of the Day – a blog focusing on short-term trading.

Wealthy Retirement – a retirement blog.

Science and Technology

Lifewire – technology magazine.

Live Science – tech, health, Planet Earth, strange news, animals, history, culture, and space.

NASA Science – space exploration and science news and articles..

Science Daily – research news; hundreds of topics including health and medicine, technology, biology, zoology, environmental sciences, society, education and learning, and more.

Science Magazine – various topics.

SciTech Daily – biology, chemistry, Earth, health, physics, space, and technology articles. 

SciTech Daily Resources Page lists a large number of online resources.


ESPN – sports news.

Bleacher Report – extensive sports coverage.

Clutch Points – sports, news, editorials, podcasts, and so on.

Eurosport – based in the United Kingdom, this site covers sports such as soccer, cycling, snooker, winter sports, and so on.

Grantland – sports and Hollywood.

Sky Sports -- based in the United Kingdom, Sky Sports covers F1, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby, and so on.

The Midwest Sports Network – coverage focuses on the American Midwest, but includes stories from around the world.

Yahoo Sports – sports coverage and opinion pieces on a variety of sports, including football, soccer, and hockey.

Various Topics

ThoughtCo is a source for education and information, including science, tech, math; humanities; arts, music, and recreation; learning resources for students and educators.

Wellness and Fitness

Blogilates – fitness.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake – nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

Fit Bottomed Girls – nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

Verywell – healthy living

Weighty Matters – health and fitness.

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