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Lesson 11. Practice 2. Verbs and Prepositions (Basic, A Level)

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Based on this lesson, fill in each blank using the verb (and other words) in parentheses, including the correct preposition. In one or more sentences, you may not need to use a preposition.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

You can use the “tab button” on your keyboard to move between blanks and the “Answer” buttons.

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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Ready? Let’s get started!

1. (waste / money / these clothes) Don’t . They’re very low quality.

Don’t waste money on these clothes. They’re very low quality.

2. (turn / your mistakes / opportunities) You should to learn.

You should turn your mistakes into opportunities to learn.

3. (rude / stare / people) It’s very .

It’s very rude to stare at people.

 If you are having problems, study the lesson again. Then come back to this practice.

4. (prefer / the mountains / the beach) I usually .

I usually prefer the mountains to the beach.

5. (translate / this French word / English) Can you ?

Can you translate this French word into English?

6. (translate / English / “love”) “Amour" in French .

”Amour” in French translates into English as “love.”

7. (home / recover / her injuries) She was in an accident, so she .

She was in an accident, so she is home recovering from her injuries.

8. (turn / a teenager) The little boy was quickly .

The little boy was quickly turning into a teenager.

Congratulations on completing everything!

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