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Lesson 1. Practice 2. Verbs and prepositions (Basic, A1 Level)

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Practice 2


Based on this lesson, fill in each blank using the verb in parentheses, including the correct preposition. In one or more sentences, you do not need a preposition.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

You can use the “tab button” on your keyboard to move between blanks and the “Answer” buttons.

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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1. (keep) John’s supervisor is him going home.

John’s supervisor is keeping him from going home.

2. (look) The baby his father.

The baby looks like his father.

3. (say) What are you going to your boss about this problem?

What are you going to say to your boss about this problem?

4. (feel) I don’t very good the test tomorrow. I don’t have much time to study for it.

I don’t feel very good about the test tomorrow.

5. (keep) This teacher doesn’t like change. He always the schedule.

. . . He always keeps to the schedule.

 If you are having problems, study the lesson again. Then come back to this practice.

6. (leave) We are Dallas Chicago at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

We are leaving Dallas for Chicago at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

7. (believe) I don’t his story. Many details do not make sense.

I don’t believe his story. (no preposition)

8. (know) Do you how to use a computer?

Do you know how to use a computer?

9. (give) I’m going to this computer game my brother on this birthday.

I’m going to give this computer game to my brother on his birthday.

10. (believe) Do many people angels?

Do many people believe in angels?

More Practice

Practice 1. Fill in the blanks using the correct prepositions after the verbs in this lesson.

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