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Practice 4. Personal Pronouns (Subjective Case) | (A-Level, Basic)

(“Be” and Other Verbs)

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Based on the lesson about personal pronouns, write the missing part of each sentence (including personal pronouns I, you, he, she, it, we, they). (This exercise uses “be” and other verbs and auxiliaries.)


Where are John and Mary going?
 They’re going  to work.

When you finish each item, click “Answer.”

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Ready? Let’s go!

1. Are Tahn and Duc Vietnamese?

— No, .   from the United States.

— No, they aren’t. They’re from the United States.

— No, they’re not

2. Where are John and Sally going?

to the park.

They’re going to the park.

3. Is Susan going home?

— No.  to work.

— No. She’s going to work.

4. Are you and I going home now?

— Yes, .

— Yes, we are.

5. Alex and Sarah, where are you from?


We’re from Florida.

 If you are having problems, study the lesson again. Then come back to this practice.

6. What languages does Peter speak?

German and Japanese.

He speaks German and Japanese.

7. Where is California?

in the United States.

It’s in the United States.

8. Where do you live, Robert?


I live in Chicago.

9. Where is the pizza?

in that box.

It’s in that box.

10. Is the test going to be difficult?

— No, easy.

— No, it’s going to be easy.

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