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Practice 3. Personal Pronouns (Objective Case) | (A-Level, Basic)

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Based on the lesson about object pronouns, write each sentence replacing the object of the verb and the object of the preposition with a personal pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, us, them). Write everything to practice writing.

When you finish each item, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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 Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Can you see my dog in the house.

Your Sentence:

Can you see it in the house?

2. I’m not going to invite Susan to the party.

Your Sentence:

I’m not going to invite her to the party.

3. Susan is writing an email to Jack.

Your Sentence:

Susan is writing it to him.

4. I don’t like these books.

Your Sentence:

I don’t like them.

5. I don’t know Mary, but I know Jack very well.

Your Sentence:

I don’t know her, but I know him very well.

6. This is a picture of my father.

Your Sentence:

This is a picture of him.

7. I’m listening to that beautiful song now.

Your Sentence:

I’m listening to it now.

8. I’m going to see John and Peter tomorrow.

Your Sentence:

I’m going to see them tomorrow.

9. I can’t speak German very well.

Your Sentence:

I can’t speak it very well.

10. Please give this box to Susan.

Your Sentence:

Please give it to her.

 Congratulations on completing the whole exercise!

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