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Double Genitive (a friend of John’s) | (A-Level, Basic)

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Based on this lesson, fill in each blank using the double genitive construction of the clues in parentheses.

Example 1 (Mark’s friend) This is .

Answer: This is a friend of Mark’s.

Example 2 (her friend) Is John __________?

Answer: Is John a friend of hers?

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Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. (your idea) Is this ?

Is this an idea of yours?

2. (her friend) I don’t like that .

I don’t like that friend of hers.

3. (my husband’s sister) is coming to visit this weekend.

A sister of my husband’s is coming to visit…

4. (my mother’s teacher) is now teaching me.

A teacher of my mother’s is now teaching me.

5. (your student) is here to meet with you.

A student of yours is here to meet with you.

6. (Tom’s photograph) won a prize for best photo of the year.

A photo of Tom’s won a prize…

7. (my camera) Tom is using to take his photos.

Tom is using a camera of mine

8. (Peter’s idea) My boss is using in our project at work.

My boss is using an idea of Peter’s in our project…

9. (Helen’s brother) is the president of that company.

A brother of Helen’s is the president…

10. (their friend) I don’t like that .

I don’t like that friend of theirs.

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