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(Basic) Practice 1. Subordinating Conjunctions


Based on the lessons on subordinating conjunctions, fill in each blank using the best subordinating conjunction from the ones given in parentheses.

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Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. (while / when / as) I love eating vegetables my brother hates it.


2. (if / when / whereas) Please call me you arrive in New York.


3. (While / Wherever / If) I have enough money, I’ll go to Miami on vacation next year.


4. (in case / whenever / because) May I have your phone number I need to call you tomorrow?

in case

5. (so that / whenever / because) I listen to music I want to relax.


6. (only if / because / although) We’re going to the beach this weekend the weather is good.

only if

7. (even though / only if / because) Sometimes I stay up late watching TV I’m tired.

even though

8. (because / when / only if) The students are working hard they want to do well in the course.


9. (whereas / when / even though) Gabriel is from Argentina Giovanni is from Italy.


10. (whereas / whenever / where) Brazil is a country in South America people speak Portuguese.


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