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(Basic) Practice 2. Subordinating Conjunctions


Based on the lessons on subordinating conjunctions, fill in each blank using the best subordinating conjunction from the ones given in parentheses.

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1. (before / when / wherever)  I can’t sleep if I drink coffee I go to bed.


2. (after / if / in case)  Please buy milk you go to the supermarket today.


3. (Wherever / Although / Because) Joe’s family is from Mexico, he can’t speak Spanish.


4. (whenever / although / while)  Mary is reading a book her baby is sleeping.


5. (After / Even if / While) we arrive home, we’ll have dinner and watch TV.


6. ( even if / as though / because)  We’re going to stay home it’s very cold outside.


7. (Wherever / So that / Although) you go in Europe, you can speak to many people in English.


8. (because / so that / while)  I enjoy talking to Anna she is very intelligent.


9. (even though / only if / whereas)  I’ll go to the party you go with me.

only if

10. (when / while / as)  No one really knows who you are you never talk to anyone.


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