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Troublesome Uses of Adjectives as Adverbs | Practice

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Based on what you have learned in in this lesson complete the blank spaces with the correct form of the adjectives provided in parentheses. In some cases, two answers may be correct, one according to common usage, another according to standard grammar.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

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1. Infants’ ears are (fine) tuned to recognize (subtle)  differences in speech sounds.

finely, subtle

2. Does this airline fly to San Jose (direct) ?


3. Two players were suspended because they were not playing (fair) .


4. The smoke from the forest fire was so thick it was became difficult for people to breathe (deep) without coughing.

deeply (formal) or deep (informal)

5. Come (quick) ; otherwise, you will miss it.

quickly (formal) or quickly (informal)

6. Students speak of Professor Ecks (high) .


7. If you look (high) up in the sky, you will see the Hydra Constellation.


8. In true democracies, the press should be allowed to speak (free) .


9. During rush hour yesterday, I tried an alternate route, but the traffic was moving as (slow) there as everywhere else.

slowly (formal) or slow (informal)

10. When they saw the mean supervisor enter the office, the employees’ blood ran (cold) .


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