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Practice 1: Should you say “I’m well” or “I’m good?”

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Based on this lesson, complete the blank in each sentence with the correct form of “good” or “well.” Some items could have multiple correct answers.

When you are done, click “Answer.”

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1. I couldn’t understand the lecture very .

I couldn’t understand the lecture very well.

In this sentence, “well” is the adverbial form of “good.” It is used to describe “understand.”

2. I’ve been ill all week, but I've finally started feeling today.

… I’ve finally started feeling well today. (This has the sense of feeling sound of body and mind.)

… I’ve finally started feeling good today. (This has the sense of “not bad.”)

… I’ve finally started feeling better today. (As a comparative, “better” is ambiguous; it could be a comparative of “good” or “better.”)

3. Chef Ecks can cook seafood very .

Chef Ecks can cook seafood very well.

4. This movie starts out very slow, but the plot gets really towards the end.

… the plot gets really good towards the end.

5. Everyone thinks very of him.

Everyone thinks very well of him.

6. I don’t feel very about the exam. I think I may have flunked it.

I don’t feel very good about the exam.

7. I hope your interview goes tomorrow.

I hope your interview goes well tomorrow.

8. This is the last item. I hope you did .

… I hope you did well.

Congratulations! You’ve completed everything.

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