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Modes of Organization
Emphatic Order (Order of Importance)

Emphatic Mode of Organization

In the emphatic order mode of organization, writers organize the information from the least important point or idea to the most important, thus building up to a climax to keep the reader interested.

The information can also be presented in decreasing order of importance, in which case you have what is also called an inverted pyramid mode of organization.


Topics or ideas that call for the emphatic mode of organization can be anything you can rank in ascending or descending order including, for example, “the best ways to do something,” “the most important life lessons,” “the most effective treatments for something,” or “the best strategies to do something."

Types of Text Using the Emphatic Mode

The emphatic mode can be used in any type of writing when information can be categorized in order of importance. You can find it in academic writing, persuasive essays, and other non-fictional materials.

Transition Words Used in the Emphatic Mode

Transitions commonly used in the mode mode include:

  • Most importantly, the most consequential, most crucial: These expressions signal the most important point or idea.

Example emphatic mode of organization

The paragraph below is written using the emphatic mode mode of organization, presenting the information in descending order of importance:

The most important reason for recycling is to reduce waste and preserve our environment. Furthermore, recycling helps conserve natural resources such as trees, water, and minerals. Recycling also creates jobs and stimulates the economy. Finally, recycling is easy and convenient, and everyone can contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Note that this is similar to the listing mode of organization; the difference is that in the emphatic mode the information is presented in descending order of importance.

Note. The above paragraph is used for instructional purposes only. Search the topic for accurate information on it.

Note for Readers

When you read, it is important to identify the mode of organization as emphatic order because it focuses your reading and improves comprehension.

Note that the emphatic mode is similar to the listing mode, so you should pay attention to the items the writer lists and how the writer chooses to order them.

If you are taking notes, you should end up with a list including each item and important details about them.

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