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List of Writing Skills Lessons | Advanced (C Level)

General Writing Skills

Writing well built sentences combining several ideas for effective writing

Transition words and expressions | Reference List

Complete Courses

The Writing Process. A complete advanced writing course designed to teach you to write texts and essays from beginning to end.

Transition Words. A comprehensive course about different types of transitions you can use to show the relationship between ideas and paragraphs.

Rhetorical modes of writing. Learn about the modes of writing: expository, narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and reflective. Examples are included.

Modes of organization. Learn how to answer and elaborate on open-ended questions effectively both when taking exams and when answering oral questions.

How to answer open-ended questions effectively. Learn how you can organize information in your paragraphs.

The Paragraph

The elements of a well built paragraph. What is a paragraph? Learn what information goes into a good paragraph and what you should leave out.

Can a sentence be a paragraph?