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List of Reading Skills Lessons | Intermediate (B Level)

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About Reading in General

True purpose of reading and writing. Have you been reading for the right reason? Do you read out of social obligation? Why do we read, anyhow?

What counts as reading? Should you read both literary and non-literary texts? Do they both have a positive effect on brain health? Can you become an “avid reader?"

Impact of social media and technology on literacy and learning. A discussion about the impact that digital technology, including social media media and the Internet, may have on the development of our reading skills and on learning. Can technology actually promote reading and learning?

Reading Purposefully. Learn this reading approach to improve your reading comprehension and retention.

Effective Note Taking as Reading and Study Skill has many useful tips to take effective notes when you read for any purpose.

A Complete Reading Course

COURSE Intermediate Reading Course for English-Language Learners. This complete reading course includes a variety of topics to help you develop essential, intermediate-level (B1-B2) reading skills and improve your reading comprehension. Selected lessons include videos and exercises so you can assess your understanding as you learn.

Visit the course index for a list of topics.

Extensive Reading

COURSE Extensive Reading for English-Language Learners. We often associate learning how to read with reading passages assigned to us. This is referred to as intensive reading. Yet, extensive reading is often forgotten and can yield extremely positive results.

Livestreams about Reading

How to improve your vocabulary and reading skills in your target language

How to quickly boost your reading skills for online learning discusses some practical reading tips and behaviors that you can start using right away. They can can make a big difference in your success as an online learner.

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