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Extensive Reading for English-Language Learners | Page 1

Intermediate/Advanced Reading Level

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by Marc Franco

A 20-minute lesson


You have probably heard many times that people who read a lot have good vocabulary. If you are an English-language learner, reading also helps you improve your grammar and overall understanding of the language.

You can go about reading in different ways. You can wait for a language instructor to tell you what to read, or you can take control of your learning experience.

The reading you typically do in school is called intensive reading. Instructors select reading materials with a purpose in mind. They then help you explore the passage deeply.

However, effective readers do not engage in intensive reading only. They also engage in extensive reading. When you read extensively, you take control of your reading experience. Are you doing enough of both types of reading? Perhaps you are not doing enough extensive reading. Let’s look at extensive reading more deeply and talk about how you can engage in it effectively.

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