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How to Become a More Effective Online Learner

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Understanding the issue and your situation:

What makes an effective online learner and what if you’re not it?

Steps you can take:

Evaluating your goals and creating the right mindset for learning

How to adjust your learning environment and create a study schedule

How to improve your communication skills

How to improve your reading and writing skills

Moving toward your long-term goals

Note: This course targets primarily intermediate to advanced English-language learners of high-school or college age. For younger students, we urge you to seek assistance from their teachers and school administrators.


In 2020, education worldwide moved to remote courses to protect students from the Covid-19 pandemic. Many students found themselves unprepared for virtual learning. However, students can become more effective online if they change some basic behaviors and adjust their mindset toward education and learning.

Some changes may be small while others may require a bit more effort. Online learning can even be more than an emergency measure to protect students; it can be a way to learn even beyond your formal education.


In this course, you will learn about the characteristics of an effective online student and learn what you may be able to do, with some effort, to develop effective learning habits and a mindset that is conducive to learning.

Completing the Course

You can complete the course all at once or break it into shorter sessions. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can return to it.

Video Activity

Watch How to be an effective online learner and take good study notes.

Note. The video supports the information in this course. You can study the page and watch the video in any order.

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