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Practice 3. Using Coordinating Conjunctions | (intermediate)


Based on the whole unit on coordinating conjunctions, fill in each blank with the coordinating conjunction in parentheses that best complete the sentence.

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1. It will be cold when you get to New York, (and yet / so / or else) you should bring a warm jacket.


2. Do you know if John is on his way, (but / so / or) has he already arrived?


3. These cookies have no sugar in them, (and yet / so / or else) they are very tasty.

and yet

4. Joe has no patience, (and yet / or / nor) does he know how to talk to people politely.


5. Jim has been on a diet for months, (yet / or else / nor) he hasn’t lost any weight.


6. The children want to go to the park (but / so / and) play with the other children this afternoon.


7. You’d better work more quickly, (and / or else / yet) you will run out of time.

or else

8. I went to the library, (and / nor / but) I couldn’t find what I was looking for.


9. Many people need to work two jobs, (or / for / so) they need the extra money to pay their bills.


10. I need to find a better job, (or else / for / yet) I’ll have to move to a cheaper apartment.

or else

11. It’s too cold to go out to eat, (or / and yet / so) why don’t we just cook something at home?


12. You promised you’d help me with the course, (and yet / nor / or else) you never make yourself available when I ask.

and yet

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