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5 Tips to Learn Prepositions Effectively in English

What are the levels?

We use three broad levels and finer categories of language proficiency:

Proficiency levels

Broad levels of Proficiency

A Level or Basic

B Level or Intermediate

C Level or Advanced

These levels are roughly based on the CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages); however, our lessons follow its own instructional philosophy and methodology, so you should use these levels as reference only. (See “Our Instructional Philosophy” on this page for more information.)

Finer Distinctions

Occasionally, we may make a finer distinction within the levels based on the CEFR standard:

A1 or Beginner

A2 or Elementary

B1 or Intermediate

B2 or Upper Intermediate

C1 or Advanced

C2 or Proficient

Multiple Levels

Some materials may “straddle” two levels. For example, you may find a lesson or article marked as “Intermediate/Advanced,” meaning it is likely appropriate for a learner at the B2 level but also useful for a more advanced, C1 learner.

What are the Enrichment Materials?

Enrichment materials target non-English-language users. Enrichment lessons and articles are useful for B-level and C-level learners as a source of authentic materials.

Our Instructional Philosophy

We believe in providing English-language learners (ELLs) with opportunities to learn English as needed so that they can acquire and improve useful language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

We also believe that students can learn organically rather than following a “strictly prescribed” set of instructional content.

For example, if an A-Level (Basic) lesson presents the opportunity to introduce a B-Level (Intermediate) vocabulary word, we will use the opportunity, making sure that the new word is well explained and presented in an easy-to-understand context.

Another way to put it is that we design our materials are at a certain language proficiency level, but we do not “dumb down” our lessons just to stay at a prescribed level.