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Practice 2. Confusing Words
Few, a Few, Little, a Little

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Based on this lesson, write sentences using the clues in parentheses and “a few,” “few,” “a little,” or “little.” Some items may have more than one answer with different meanings.

Be sure to use punctuation and conjugate the verbs correctly.

(I / time / have / in the morning), so let’s meet in the afternoon.

Your sentence:
I have little time in the morning, so we need to meet in the afternoon.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers are not submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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Ready? Let’s get started!

1. (Giovanni / interest / have / in politics)

Your Sentence:

Giovanni has little interest in politics.

2. (you / time / have / to talk / now?)

Your Sentence:

Do you have a little time to talk now?


3. I hope it rains tomorrow. (we / rain / have / usually / in August)

Your Sentence:

… We usually have little rain in August.

4. (Jane / sugar / like / in her coffee)

Your Sentence:

Jane likes a little sugar in her coffee. (some sugar but not much)

Janes likes little sugar in her coffee. (almost no sugar)

5. (Carlos / Italian / speak)

Your Sentence:

Carlos speaks a little Italian. (some Italian but not much)

Carlos speaks little Italian. (not very much)

6. (we / money / for our vacation), so we cannot spend money eating out every day.

Your Sentence:

We have little money for our vacation…

7. I want a small party. (I / invite / going to / friends / only)

Your Sentence:

… I’m going to invite only a few friends.

8. (people / very / understand / the situation)

Your Sentence:

Very few people understand the situation.

9. (I / energy / have / after working all day)

Your Sentence:

I have little energy after working all day.

10. (cars / on the road / be / today) because it is a holiday.

Your Sentence:

Few cars are on the road today…

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You’re all done. Congratulations!

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