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(Basic) Subordinating Conjunctions Expressing Concession Relationships

Here are some subordinating conjunctions that show concession; they add concession information to the independent clause:


even though



Example sentences showing concession relationships

Carlos is eating the pizza although he doesn’t like mushrooms.

I’m going to John’s party even though I need to study for the test.

While I understand your point, I do not agree with you. (See “Note 1.”)

Even though Jack never studies, he is doing very well in the course.(See “Note 2.”)


Note 1. In very formal grammar, “while” can be used only as a subordinating conjunction expressing time, but people often use it to express concession in informal English.

Note 2. You must use a comma after the dependent clause (the clause with the subordinating conjunction) only when you start the sentence with it. (See the last two example sentences above.)

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