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(Basic) Practice 1. Expressions Using Question Words

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Based on this lesson, write the question based on the answer given. Use question words with “how,” “how come,” “Question-word + on earth,” and so on.


Answer: The oranges are very sweet.

Question:How sweet are the oranges?

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

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Ready? Let’s get started!

1. I’m 25 years old.


How old are you?

2. My house is 5 minutes from here.


How far is your house from here?

3. These peppers are not very spicy.


How spicy are these peppers?

4. Steve is 1.78 meters (5’10”).


How tall is Steve?

5. I drink one or two cups of coffee a day.


How much coffee do you drink?

How many cups of coffee do you drink?

6. I don’t listen to the radio very often. Maybe once or twice a week.


How often do you listen to the radio?

7. Mount Everest is very high. It’s 8,850 meters (29,035 feet).


How high is Mount Everest?

(Also: How tall is Mount Everest?)

8. John forgot my birthday. (Use “how come” in the question.)


How come you’re angry with John?

9. I’m playing a game on my smartphone. (Use “what on earth” in the question.)


What on earth are you doing?

10. You have 30 minutes to finish.


How long do I have to finish?

How much time do I have to finish?

How many minutes do I have to finish?

11. A human being can run about 13 km/h.


How fast can a human being run?

12. Pedro can type around 50 words a minute.


How fast can Pedro type?

How many words a minute can Pedro type?

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