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Practice 1: Using “Who” and “Whom” | Basic Level

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  • Instructions
  • Based on this lesson, use the words in parentheses to create questions using “who” or “whom.” The answer to each question gives you extra clues.

    For this practice, you must make the difference between “who” and “whom.”

    When finished each sentence, click “Answer.”

    Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

1. Clues:  be / going to the party / with you?

— Jolene and Marc are.

Who is going to the party with your?

2. Clues:  be / that man / outside?

— That’s my friend John.

Who is that man outside?

3. Clues:  be / you / talking / to?

— I’m talking to my mother.

Whom are you talking to?

To whom are you talking?

4. Clues:  be / this present / for?

Who this present for?

For whom is this present?

5. Clues:  be / you / calling?

— I’m calling my friend John.

Whom are you calling?

6. Clues:  be / eating / with us / tomorrow?

— Miguel and his wife are eating with us.

Who is eating with us tomorrow?

7. Clues:  be / Gerald / meeting?

— He’s meeting Lucy.

Whom is Gerald meeting?

8. Clues:  be / Ann / looking / at?

— She’s looking at her baby.

Whom is Ann looking at?

At whom is Ann looking?

9. Clues:  be / scolding / Bobby?

— The teacher is scolding him.

Who is scolding Bobby?

10. Clues:  be / cutting / Jim’s hair?

— Janet is.

Who is cutting Jim’s hair?

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Thank you!

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