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Discussing and Questioning to Generate Ideas for Writing

The Writing Process | Enrichment Course

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Simply talk about your topic with other people and take notes. Discussing with others forces you to start thinking about the topic, and you may think of things that you might not think about otherwise. Later, go over the ideas and decide what you want to develop in writing.

You can discuss your topic with anyone. Discussing a topic even with someone who is not a writer or who does not know much about the topic can help you think through different ideas.



In questioning, you generate ideas by asking questions about the topic. Answering questions about a topic forces you to think about distinct aspects of the subject. It also helps you figure out what you may need to know about the topic (because you cannot answer your own questions). Then, go over your answers and select the portions that you would like to write about.

Other Techniques to Generate Ideas for Writing

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