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Clustering to Generate Ideas for Writing

The Writing Process | Enrichment Course

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Clustering technique to generate ideas

To use the clustering technique to generate ideas for writing, write the subject or topic in a circle in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Branching from that circle, write subtopics, or different aspects of the topic. Connect the subtopics to the main topic.

Keep branching out so that your subtopics have sub-subtopics or ideas. Connect them to the subtopic.


Keep doing that until you are satisfied that you generated a comprehensive number of clusters connected to the topic, subtopic, sub-subtopics, and so on. Then examine your clusters for interesting ideas that you can develop into writing.

Following up on the Clustering Technique

Once you select a particular cluster, you may decide that you still do not have enough details to support your main topic. You can then repeat the clustering technique, now focusing only on the selected cluster.

You can do that as many times as you need until you are satisfied that you have generated enough ideas for whatever your writing task is.


If you believe using the clustering technique again may not be helpful, you can also follow it up with one of the other techniques to generate ideas for writing.

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