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Snap Language

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Instructions for Events by Snap Language

Here are a few things to know about Snap Language and Snap Language Learner events.

Patrons receive notifications on our Patreon page. Log on to your patron account regularly and check for messages.

YouTube subscribers who clicked the bell button to receive all notifications will likely be notified through YouTube. If you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe to our channels: Snap Language and Snap Language Learner.

Registered users will be notified through our website. You can register now. We limit the number of announcements through the website, so you may not be notified of all upcoming events.

Some events are open to patrons only. As a patron, you will be notified through Patreon. Sometimes you will also receive special links to materials used during the eventts. Check your Patreon account regularly so you do not miss any information about upcoming events.

When you see an announcement for a livestream, you should add the event to your calendar. YouTube will notify you when the livestream goes live. Here's how:

  1. Log on to your YouTube account.
  2. Follow the link to the event (for example, if you see it on this website or on YouTube).
  3. When you see the announcement for the livestream on YouTube, click the “set reminder” button in the left bottom corner of the livestream announcement.

This is not a guaranteed way of getting notified. You are still encouraged to set up your own reminder using your favorite method.

For some events, all you need to do is join in. For other events, you can examine pre-event materials before the event starts so you can get more out of it. Materials may include handouts or exercises that will be used during the event.

You will know if there are any materials for an event when you see an event announcement with a note such as “Check the descriptions for pre-event information.”

Live Chat. While you are watching a livestream, you can chat with the presenter and other viewers in the chat. The presenter will be busy managing the event but will do his or her best to respond to questions or comments.

YouTube Super Chat. One way to get questions or comments noticed is to purchase Super Chat messages when available. Super Chat messages stand out and are pinned to the top of the chat feed for a while.

  Some participants also use Super Chat simply as a way to support the channel so we can continue producing content and having livestream events.

Note. Live chat and Super Chats are not available on all browsers and devices.

Remember to follow YouTube’s community guidelines and guidelines for staying safe in livestreams. Use common sense and remember that these are public events and everyone can see any information you share in chats.

Snap Language is not responsible for your online interactions; however, any type of abusive behavior will not be tolerated. At the presenter“s discretion, viewers may be banned from the event for commiting any form of abuse during a live event, including (but not limited to) using foul or abusive language, hateful speech, bullying, trolling, and so on.

Livestream events are stay on YouTube when they are over. At any time, you can access our playlists on YouTube to watch previous live events.

  Snap Language Livestream playlist.

  Snap Language Learner Livestream playlist.