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Advanced Reading Course

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Reading is a very complex process. It involves not only recognizing words on a piece of paper but also understanding how the writer put those words together to create meaning.

Many readers do not get past understanding the main ideas in a passage; however, writers put a lot more ideas into writing than a number of main ideas. Much information in a passage is “hiding” in subtle word meanings or in the way the writer put the ideas together.

In addition, reading should not be a passive activity, where the reader is simply an empty box into which writers deposit information. Rather, readers should interpret what they read and read critically. They should make sense of the information with a critical eye so they have control over the information they learn.


You will learn about the reading process from understanding the vocabulary in passages and finding patterns of information in paragraphs to understand the author’s main ideas from the details and interpreting what you read and reading critically.

This course has several lessons. You are strongly encouraged to complete each lesson sequentially.


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Up Next: Dealing with Vocabulary in Reading

Continue the lesson to learn about dealing with vocabulary in reading.

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