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Prepositional, Gerund, and Absolute Phrases | Practice 1

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Based on the lesson about phrases, identify the prepositional phrases, gerund phrases, and participle phrases in the sentences below.

A sentence may have more than one phrase or prepositional phrase.


Item 1: John’s desk is in the back.

Answer: Prepositional phrase: in the back

Item 2: That woman wearing the blue dress is our teacher.

Answer: Gerund phrase: wearing the blue dress

Item 3: Desperate for attention, the child started crying.

Answer: Absolute phrase: desperate for attention

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1. The selfish boy ate the whole box of chocolates by himself.


Prepositional phrase: of chocolates

Prepositional phrase: by himself

2. The woman wearing the blue dress is my English teacher.


Participle phrase: wearing the blue dress


3. Considering their busy schedule, it is surprising how often they socialize with friends.


Absolute phrase Considering their busy schedule

Prepositional phrase: with their friends

4. The room facing the lake has the best view of the sunset.


Participle phrase: facing the lake

Prepositional phrase: of the sunset

5. Having studied the language for only 5 years, Susan can speak and write Japanese very well.


Absolute phrase: having studied the language for only 5 years

Prepositional phrase: for only 5 years

6. Working in the hot sun can make you very thirsty.


Gerund phrase: working in the hot sun

Prepositional phrase in the hot sun

7. Put the box under the table next to the door.


Prepositional phrase: under the table

Prepositional phrase: next to the door

8. The tornado hit the downtown area, causing millions of dollars in damage.


Absolute phrase: causing millions of dollars in damage

Prepositional phrase: of dollars

Prepositional phrase: in damage

9. It takes the Earth 365 days to go around the Sun once.


Prepositional phrase: around the Sun

10. The skier fell off a short cliff, breaking his leg in the process.


Absolute phrase: breaking his leg in the process

Prepositional phrase: in the process

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