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Intermediate Reading Course. Section 1: The Basics

Sample Reflective Mode of Writing

The report below is an example of a text using the reflective mode of writing.

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Implementation of Cooperative Learning: Week 3 Report

Overall evaluation. Overall, the implementation of Cooperative Learning in my courses has been successful. Students are no longer hesitant to participate actively in their cooperative learning roles.

There has been an improvement in the quality of discussions. After spending time cooperating with their peers, students seem to be able to discuss topics more fully on their own.

Problems. TIme management has been a persistent issue since Week 1. Students seem to take longer than I expected to understand the task and get started; as a result, time seems to run out when they are still actively engaged in the task. It is possible that the instructions must be rewritten so that students can get started right away, knowing what they are supposed to do.

However, it is also possible that they are taking long to get into the activity because Cooperative Learning is still new to them.

Plan moving forward. I will make no changes to the procedures until Week 5 to give students time to get used to Cooperative Learning. If the above-mentioned problem persists, I will revise the instructions.

In addition, I have noticed that, when I spend some extra time explaining the task, students appear to get into the task more quickly. If that is the case, rather than rewriting the instructions, changing the procedure (i.e., more time explaining the task) may solve the problem.

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