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Snap Language

Getting Smarter through Language

Intermediate Reading Course. Section 1: The Basics

Sample Narrative Mode of Writing

The short story below is an example of a text using the narrative mode of writing.

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The Socially Anxious Plus-One

John’s friend Susan asked him to be her plus-one at a dinner party she was invited to. Being shy and anxious in social situations, John would normally have declined but, this time, he agreed. He had just made a New Year’s resolution to go out and socialize more often.

As he got dressed to go to the party, he was was nervous but excited. He rehearsed a few conversations with strangers in his head. He knew he could always talk to Susan in case he needed a break from talking to strangers.

When John arrived at the dinner party in a 10-story building, he walked in and scanned the crowd looking for Susan.

“She must be running late," he thought to himself. He felt nervous but kept reminding himself, “New year, new me!”

He started going around introducing himself and making small talk. His News Year’s resolution seemed to be working as he did not find it very difficult to start conversations.

”Wow! This isn’t so bad," he thought to himself “I can do this.”

After about a half hour, someone walked up to John.

“Hi, I’m hosting this party. Who exactly are you? Are you here with someone?” She seemed annoyed.

“I’m Susan’s plus-one.”

”And who’s Susan?”

At that exact moment, John’s cell phone rang. It was Susan, calling John from the same building… but from a different floor, where their dinner party actually was.

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