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Intermediate Reading Course. Section 1: The Basics

Sample Descriptive Mode of Writing

The article below is an example of a text using the descriptive mode of writing.

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Happiness above the Clouds

We arrive at the small village at nearly 2,000 meters after a 5-hour drive and a 2-hour trek through the forest. Poorly built houses with precarious roofs and cardboard for windows make the level of poverty clear. Nestled between hills, the village overlooks the lush green valleys below. Most of the inhabitants in this region are farmers, herdsmen, and local craftsmen.

Oziel Gómez | Pexels

The only street in the village consists of bumps and potholes. A single well stands in the center of the village, their only source of freshwater. Each house has a vegetable garden where they grow the only roots and vegetables available to them. The forest provides other resources.

Some of the villagers come to the door but quickly move back inside when we make eye contact. Others come up to us, curious but with wide smile. They are wearing simple clothes. A scarf covers their heads to protect them from the cold mountain wind.

The villagers are poor, but seem content with their lives. They are happy with the simple things they have and many find it difficult to accept outside help. They look after each other and share everything they have with the community. They also have a deep respect for the environment and their traditions. Daily life may be a struggle, but they are willing to work hard and work together to make the most of what they have.

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