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Practice Regular and Near-Regular Plurals in English

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Intermediate/Advanced Level


Based on this lesson, type the plural form of the word in parentheses to complete the blanks in each sentence below. Remember that there may be more than one plural form for some nouns.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers will not be submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

1. Batman and Superman are American (superhero)

superheros (sometimes also superheroes)

2. There are several beautiful (beach) in Southern California.


3. I’d like no (tomato) or (pickle) in my sandwich, please.

tomatoes, pickles

4. We saw (hippo) , (monkey) , and (flamingo) at the zoo.

hippos, monkeys, and flamingos (also flamingoes)

5. These (French fry) don’t taste good.

French fries

6. The US, China, and Russia have very powerful (army) .


7. Chris and Pat are excellent (chef) . Have you ever tried one of their (dish)

chefs, dishes

8. The powerful storm blew away several (roof) throughout the neighborhood.


9. The farmer has already lost three (calf) to the hungry pack of (wolf) this winter.

calves, wolves

10. The Hawaiian islands are known for their steep (cliff) and green (valley) .

cliffs, valleys.

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