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Using Coordinating Conjunctions to Combine Ideas | Page 1
(A-Level, Basic)

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Introduction (this page)

Combining ideas


When you speak or write, you can put two ideas together in the same sentence. At the same time, you show the relationship between the ideas so the sentence makes sense.

Using coordinating conjunctions is a simple way to combine ideas. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the coordinating conjunctions “and,” “but,” “yet,” “or,” and “so.”


Combining Ideas

In any language, you can express the same idea in many ways. You can say two ideas in two sentences, or you can put the ideas together in one sentence using a word or phrase to connect the ideas.

For example, you can write,

Sandra woks in a bank. John teaches English.

You can also combine the two ideas and write,

Sandra works in a bank, and John teaches English.


Up Next: Different Relationships (and Examples)

Continue the lesson to learn about the relationships these coordinating conjunctions express and many examples.