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The Seasons of the Year in English (Basic, A1 Level)

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In this lesson, you will learn the names of the seasons in English: spring, summer, fall or autumn, and winter.

The lesson includes ways to pronounce the names of the seasons.


The Four Seasons

Here are the names of the seasons and their months in the norther hemisphere:

spring - March, April, May

summer - June, July, August

fall (autumn) - September, October, November

winter - December, January, February

Note. People say “fall” instead of “autumn” North America, primarily in the United States and in speaking; however, Americans understand and sometimes use “autumn” as well.

Example sentences

My course starts in the spring.

Summers are very hot in Arizona.

Anna finishes college in the fall (or autumn).

We are going skiing in Colorado this winter.



spring /’sprɪŋ/

summer /ˈsʌmɚ/

fall /ˈfɑːl/

autumn /ˈɔːtəm/ or ˈɑːtəm

winter /ˈwɪntɚ/

Note. ɚ = ər

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