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Names of the Months in English (Basic, A1 Level)

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In this lesson, you will learn the months in English: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

The lesson includes ways to pronounce the days of the week.


Names of the months

Here are the number and names of the months:

1 - January

2 - February

3 - March

4 - April

5 - May

6 - June

 7 - July

 8 - August

 9 - September

10 - October

11 - November

12 - December

Example sentences

We are going to Miami in January.

The baby is coming in March.

Summer is in June, July, and August.

My course starts in September and ends in November.

We have a May conference next year.


January /ˈʤænjəˌweri/

February /ˈfeb.ruː.er.i/ or /ˈfɛbjəˌweri/ or /ˈfɛbrəˌweri/

March /mɑːrtʃ/

April /ˈeɪprəl/

May /ˈmeɪ/

June /ˈʤuːn/

July /ʤʊˈlaɪ/ or /dʒuˈlaɪ/

August /ˈɑːgəst/

September /sɛpˈtɛmbɚ/

October /ɑkˈtoʊbɚ/

November /noʊˈvɛmbɚ/

December /dɪˈsɛmbɚ/ or /dəˈsɛmbɚ/

Note. ɚ = ər

3-letter abbreviations

You can use the first three letters of the month to abbreviate it. You often see these abbreviations in calendars and schedules.

Jan - January

Feb - February

Mar - March

Apr - April

May - May

Jun - June

Jul - July

Aug - August

Sep - September

Oct - October

Nov - November

Dec - December


Sometimes you abbreviate most months, but you do not abbreviate the short month names: June and July.

Do not abbreviate the months unless it is necessary (for example, to save space on a calendar or quick schedule). Do not write, “We are going there in Dec;” you should write, “We are going there in December.”

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