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Practice 1. Ordinal Numbers in English (Basic, A-Level)

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Based on this lesson, complete each sentence by changing the number in parenthesis into an ordinal number.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

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If you’re ready, let’s get started!

1. Who will arrive (1) tomorrow?


2. This is the (15) day in this course.


3. Stop eating! This is your (10) chocolate bar.


4. This is my (5) English course.


5. This is my (2) cup of coffee.


6. I am telling you this for the (10) time.


7. I’m going to have a (4) slice of pizza.


8. In the marathon, John was in (23) place, Elizabeth was in (49) place, and Edward was in (53) place.

(23) twenty-third

(49) forty-ninth

(53) fifty-third

9. The Earth is the (3) planet from the Sun, and Saturn is the (6) .

(3) third

(6) sixth

10. This will be the (12) car I own.


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Practice 1. Practice writing ordinal numbers in sentences. (this page)

Practice 2. Practice writing ordinal numbers in sentences.

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